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Woman of Valor – Jewish Journal Article
May 6, 2009
Ex-Winnipegger’s mom sharing Mother’s Day gift – Winnipeg Free Press Article
March 18, 2011

img02Every time I see the Winnipeg Jewish Review in the subject line of my inbox, I am compelled to open it immediately. It is my way of keeping in touch with the goings on of my home town. My name is Lesley Corne Wolman, and I grew up and lived in Winnipeg until the age of 19, when I went off to seek my fame and fortune. While neither of those came true, exactly, I am famous in my own home as the wife of Jeff Wolman and the mother of 17 year old Yale and 14 year old Serena. They are my fortune, as well!

I grew up in Tuxedo, 405 Kelvin Blvd. to be exact. Don’t drive over.  My parents, Irene and Bob Corne, sold our beloved house. Why am I telling you all of this? The Winnipeg Jewish Review’s editor  Rhonda Spivak, who just happens to be married to my cousin, Stephen Corne, suggested that I promote my upcoming performance

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